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Payroll Benefits Overview

We want to make sure that you have all of the information that you need in order to ensure that the coverages you choose meet your needs.

Our professional benefits counselors are well versed in the underwriting intricacies of each policy and insurer, and are here to navigate through the choices for you. We believe in personal service. When you call us, you will not have to go through a interactive voice response system - you will be speaking with a live person from the moment your call is connected.

Our broad portfolio features best in class products that generally feature
the following in common:

  • Group rates.
  • Completely voluntary.
  • Individual and family coverage.
  • Pays directly to you, unless assigned.
  • Claims are typically processed in days, not weeks.
  • Pays in addition to any other coverage you may have.
  • Payroll deducted through the existing State payroll slot.
  • Portable coverage that is owned by you, not your employer.
  • Several plans offer annual wellness benefits to encourage preventive care.
  • Benefits paid are not subject to income taxes.

Prepare For The Unexpected, By Choosing Voluntary Benefits To Turn Financial Uncertainty into Financial Security.


All product descriptions on this website are for general educational purposes only, and based on policies approved for sale in the State of NJ, United States, only. Other products are available that may not be listed, and for other states also. Please contact us at 877-652-3637 for details.